The Body is a Miracle Machine

Illness Doesn't Just Happen

We tend to think that illness just happens to us and we forget how much we can be responsible for our own health. Most of us ignore the impact on our body of all the things we eat, think, do, and how we choose to live our lives. We don’t just “catch” an illness. It develops over time due to multiple factors such as processed foods, sugar, stress, pollution, food preservatives, chemicals found in plastics etc. which cause an imbalance in our bodies and eventually noticeable symptoms. Symptoms are manifestations of our body struggling. They tell us that something is wrong and needs to be dealt with. If it isn’t addressed, consequently illness develops and that’s when we start to worry.


The Body Always Wants To Repair Itself

The good news is that you can reverse most symptoms and you can always improve your life by taking good care of your body. That also implies looking after your mind and your spirit, as all three are interconnected. Your body wants to always be healthy and in balance. That is why our body is our best friend: it wants us to feel good, it warns us of problems, and it is constantly willing to heal itself if we choose to give it proper nutrition, love and care.


Our Bodies And Our Health Are Our Responsibility

Life choices challenge our body to the point where it can no longer stay in balance. That’s when we start experiencing symptoms:

  • I am losing my hair
  • I feel bloated
  • I have stubborn fat around the middle
  • My joints ache
  • I feel so tired all the time
  • I can’t sleep, focus, concentrate
  • I feel depressed
  • I am craving sugar (or alcohol, or fatty foods, or sweet drinks, or coffee etc.)
  • I cannot lose weight even though I feel like I’m barely eating anything
  • My skin is inflamed (or dry, or red, or psoriatic, or blotchy etc.)


The aim of Nutritional Therapy is looking at why we are experiencing symptoms and where they come from. It is about treating the root cause of the problems and not how it manifests itself.


Your body is like a tree. The symptoms can be seen and felt on the outside, like sick branches, but in reality the cause lies deeper (poor or acidic soil, fungi or bacteria in the roots and the sap) and that’s what needs to be properly addressed in order to avoid recurring issues.


For example, arthritis is an inflammation that can often be linked back to an imbalanced gut flora. Why? Because 70% of your immune system lies in your gut. So you have a choice: you can either treat the arthritis with cortisone and other medication for the rest of your life, or you can repair your gut for the long term with good nutrition, herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes and get rid of the core of the problem (incidentally, without having to worry about negative side effects). It might mean a longer journey, but it is a safer one that ultimately offers longstanding results and optimal health.

I'm here to help

I'm here to help you make positive life changes, support you and motivate you! I focus on patient-centered care and develop individual nutritional plans for each client according to their specific needs. No matter your goal, my priority is to provide you with the right tools and proper guidance to allow you to reach your full health potential, using proven methods such as nutritional therapy, naturopathy, and following the principles of Functional Medicine.


Even if you have been diagnosed with a disease (cancer, auto-immune disorder, IBS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, thyroid disorders etc.) and are currently under treatment with conventional medicine, I can still help you give your body and your mind the strength they need to come through the other side of this journey.

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